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This is more than just a retreat, it is a chance to weave a new plan into your life and make real change.

Come join us for a week sitting beside the ocean, witnessing the magic of the jungle, and return home to your inner place of Divine feminine wisdom.


Our Costa Rica program offers you an all-inclusive experience: safe, clean, comfortable living arrangements, delicious, nutritional meals catered to your dietary preferences, and daily holistic practices to bring you to the next level, including a complimentary massage, yoga and meditation practices, reiki, and intentional workshops and seminars that are relevant to your goals.

Each program is personalized and specifically designed to meet your needs and deepen any area of your life that you are feeling called to.

By investing this time in yourself, you are better able to meet your own needs first, finding your innate power, so you can then go out and share it with others.

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You Will Enjoy...

Yoga and Physical Health

Physical Health

From Yoga lessons to hiking, walks and more.

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Emotional Health

Emotional Health

We help you listen and take care of your soul.

Meditation and Mental Health

Mental Health

Calm down your thoughts so you can meet your goals.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health

Find your inner soul.

MySoulAgenda Costa Rica Retreat
Costa Rica beach

Our oceanfront property is located in a private gated community, so you will feel safe and relaxed, with nothing but trees and the tranquil sounds of nature surrounding you.

What Will You Be Doing?

My Soul Agenda is dedicated to empowering and uplifting one another

Reserve Your Place Here

Our group beach retreats can be booked on demand from 6 -10 persons


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