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There are times in life where we just need a re-set. Our current circumstances, busy schedules, responsibilities and stressors have just thrown us off track. My Soul Agenda offers a space to regain that clarity and reconnect with what your purpose is, thus gaining the grounding to take the lead again and start living a more conscious life. A life where intention, self-awareness, balance and gratitude make way to having the energy, focus and empowerment to create the life you want to live.

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Intentional Mornings with Meditation and Movement

For the early risers, start with journaling and join our (optional) morning meditation.


Build healthy routine with daily morning movement: Yoga, Qi Gong, fitness routine and/or hike...


Then enjoy a healthy and beautiful BREAKFAST!

All of our food is catered specifically to your dietary needs, and meets the highest nutritional standards, leaving you both satisfied and energized all day long!

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Self-Study, Sisterhood and Holistic Self-Care.

After a morning break for self-care and self-reflection, everyone will join together in the air-conditioned yoga studio for gatherings including sound and vibrational healing, mind stillness exercises, inner awareness activities and artistic expression.

Then... LUNCH break!

Afternoons will be for deeper dives and workshops. As a group we will connect to our inner source of Sacred awareness, through guided centering practices, sacred rituals, and fire ceremonies.

Then it's time for... a divine DINNER!

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Personal Healing Sessions & Personalized Exploration

We include a therapeutic massage and a special one-on-one session with our Spirit Doula, Harmony. You are welcome to schedule as additional services to be done in your free time for an added cost.

In the evenings, we will explore the local surroundings based on the group's personal preference.


There is free-time available for absorption and processing, which you could also use to make time for work, family, shopping in the area, or other personal responsibilities.

Yoga Practice


And so are we! We are the first Women's Retreat Center designed with a unique empowerment curriculum. You truly are in for a

one-of-a-kind experience at MY SOUL AGENDA.

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