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Yoga at Home
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Bring your women. 

Bring your gifts.

Bring your Self.


Be Our Guest

Bring your clients, friends, teachers at the studio, any woman who wants to experience a week of empowerment, connection, and the healing medicine of women coming together.


We want to bring everyone together at MySoulAgenda for a very special retreat week, with YOU as our guest yoga instructor!

If you bring four or more people with you, we will compensate you for the week... and, in exchange for your role as our daily yoga instructor, your Soul Agenda retreat experience is gifted. You will have the opportunity to join the retreat alongside the group for workshops, ceremonies, one-on-one healing, food services, and separate, private accommodations, set up especially for YOU... everything is on us!

No strings attached.

Once you gather a group, you can book a week in our retreat home and let it all unfold from there. If you would like to set up recurring weeks, or have any other ways to contribute, we are open to new creative ways to collaborate.

We want to come together, and share our gifts, because you

with your yoga skills, and our sacred space holder,

you co-create the perfect week of empowerment.​


In a nutshell, we’d like to pay you for organizing groups of women to to come and experience your daily yoga class, within our weekly empowerment program.

Can we come together and make some magic? While the health benefits of a rejuvenating week-long retreat are immeasurable, the value of sharing our collective life skills and knowledge is full of infinite potential----that synergy of the collective is the essence of MySoulAgenda Women's Empowerment.


You will be both teacher and student during your week stay at MySoulAgenda Women's Retreat.

We ask you to hold the space in the morning, and lead the women in a daily yoga practice--sharing your gift with MySoulAgenda; you will also be alongside the group for remainder of the day, embarking on your own journey of self-discovery. Enjoy a completely free week of personal empowerment in our beautiful sacred space in Tucson, Arizona. 

That’s it! No strings attached.


By adding yourself to our Instructor list, you will receive a special code to share with someone towards the price of their retreat.

Thanks for submitting!

Yoga Session

Let's Work Together

We have found our program runs best with at least four other women to come with you during your chosen week. The program is priced at $2,195 per person, with special gift-away offers (like signing up for our newsletter below) and scholarships available for those lacking the monetary resources at this time... we would never want someone to miss out for financial reasons.


We will provide you with business cards, a MySoulAgenda email, and postcards designed just for you----the perfect “leave-behind” at your yoga studio, or an easy way to promote your to women within particular community, circle of friends, festivals, travels, hobbies, co-workers, family. All are welcome at MySoulAgenda.


You will receive all the information you need to present the retreat to others, because it is organic, open, inclusive for all women, of all ages, background, flexibility, and places along the path of life.


Our retreat is nourishing and healing, from the inside out, bringing you back into Harmony, sending ripples through the feminine collective, raising the vibration for all. You will love it, and we are looking forward to a partnership and sisterhood with empowered women all across the world!


When we have at least four ladies committed to a certain date, we can hold a powerful Goddess gathering, but the more the merrier!


Book your trip, and the rest is on us.

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