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Actitud de la yoga


Sonoran Winds is now My Soul Agenda


We are happy to welcome all the beautiful souls who want to continue - or start! - their powerful and transforming journey - and all former friends of Sonoran Winds are welcome, of course!

Our new company - “MySoulAgenda” - is also going through a branding revamp so, get ready for a BIG surprise!

New graphics, videos and more. But, while we are under completely new management, the big real news is, our life changing curriculum remains core to our purpose but greatly enlightened!

Other Big NEWS! We are hosting the first of our

4 pop-up retreats in 2024 on June 16, 2024

in Tucson, Arizona! our next retreat will be


You'll be able to save your spot just inside!


MySoulAgenda is more than just a retreat; it is a safe, sacred space where you come to find your Self, and start living a life of abundance.

Are you ready to make the change?

My Soul Agenda

My Soul Agenda

We offer daily practices that enhance your experience

on topics that are relevant to your goals.

Learn about yourself as an energetic soul being,

as well as an amazing woman.

We help you to  find your inner answers, so you can stop searching on the outside, and start trusting in your-Self.

Reserve your place for our first Retreat of 2024!

This year we are hosting in two amazing locations, Tucson - AZ and vibrant Costa Rica

Yoga Child's Pose


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